Wraiths are the primary ERL artillery vehicle.


Wraiths mainly shoot at hostile infintary and vehicles from the distance. Their main plasma launcher can travel up to 2 miles. Unfortunately, these artillery attacks are very easy to spot from the distance by vehicles or infintary. Even slow vehicles can avoid these artillery strikes as long as they are not within 50 meters of the wraith. Fast vehicles can dodge these shots easily from any range.

These wraiths have an anti infintary turret incase infintary attempt to rush them ,but they are normally just blown up by rocket launchers before they can even do that. These wraiths are also worthless if ambushed of if attacked from above. These wraiths shots can even be dodged by infintary if they sprint or dive out of the way and its not very difficult to do so unless infintary are within 20 meters of the wraiths.

Wraiths typically travel in pairs of 2 or 3 (on big battles). During the ground battles in the Saurian IV War between Resistance and ERL forces the main reason the Resistance survived was because of the ERL's inconsistent vehicles.

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