Lord of the STARS

aka I Was

  • I live in In the hearts of hatchlings all over the galaxy during their bedtime story
  • My occupation is Commenting on the internet
  • I am Male Kig-yar
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3 videos of my favorite non halo music.

On halo nations and thdf I am the Kig-yar pirate prince Lord of the Stars, on Bravo's Adventures Lord of the Stars plays more of a ambassador role and I instead play as Kai, the member of a elite special ops faction led by a noble sangheili shipmaster. But hear if my theme plan is followed Lord of the Stars died of old age and now his grate grandchildren are in power. I play 2 characters hear on ERL, a Kig-yar pirate admiral of Lord of the Stars pirate empire named che'yan-chi, and a Aquamarinear of the sapphire clans who is a merchant shipmaster who is in early development.

But you can still refer to me by my profile name when speaking directly to me. I do my best to be friendly. Though if I do something to offend you, then apologies and try to be nice, if after 2 months you are still angry at me, at that point its your own fault, I would never hold anger at you like that unless I had a good reason, like your a murderer for example.

Skipper Large Dorsal

Character 1

A kig-yar a kig-yar a kig-yar

character 2

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