Trandoshans are a reptilian race from the planet New Trandosha after 100 million trandoshans entered the ERL universe. Now there population has risen to around 300 million and 20 percent of them are mercenaries.


Physical AbilitiesEdit

Trandoshans can breath under water five times as long as humans and they can see three times as far. Trandoshans also are three times stronger then humans. There are three main types of tradoshans: the tall (typically 7 feet) and skinny ones, the tall and muscular ones, and the short and fat ones (typically 5 feet).


Trandoshans love to hunt. Many trandoshans start hunting by the age of 12 and almost all of them start doing serious hunting at 15. For trandoshans serious hunting is killing predatory creatures and hunting in dangerous jungles. By the time trandoshans are 18 they set off to explore new worlds for hunting. Trandoshans also have enslaved other species in their past and some of them still do. One species the Trandoshans often enslave are uggnoy and twileks.

Trandoshan Armed ForcesEdit

The Trandoshan military consists of a army and a navy. Their army consists of mercenaries that enlisted to fight for their country ,but can quit whenever they like. The only ones that have to be deicated is the trandoshan commandos and the officers who serve 3 year terms ,but can always re-enlist. The trandoshans use a combination of ballistic and laser weapons in battle.

Trandoshans also have naval ships on seas that are armed with fuel rod turrets. Trandoshans also love to use sniper rifles and shot guns.

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