Skipper Large Dorsal is a friendly merchant from the Sapphire clans of Aquamarine. He became a skipper when he was 32 years old and commanded a sea ship, carrying merchandise to other countries and selling them, then returning to his own country with goods that he bought on his travel and selling them their. Mostly things needed. 2 times he volunteered his ship in service when the Saphhirians where at war with the infamous clans of doldrums. 12 times he volunteered his ship in service to fighting pirates who haunted the waters between 2 countries high in trade. As time went on he got rich enough he bought a spaceship to carry his merchandise to other planets instead of the seaship that can only carry it to other countries. He is now 135 years old and his ship is a cargo frigate named "Celestial Songs". He has traded with many costumers including the Kig-yar pirates of Outpost Alpha which only he knows where to find. Skipper Large Dorsal is a warrior hearted merchant who is very noble and honorable, and he often picks fight over flight, and though a civilian he is well armed. Although his only true enemies are pirates who chose to attack him. He prefers negotiation as his first line of defense, seeing to it that if he must defend him self his attacker had their chance before the storm.

More to come on the character as rps happen.

Celestial Song is armed with twin Siren tec 785mm mac guns very similar to what the unsc use. Also it has 25 140mm full auto rail flack guns, 30 covenant pulse lasers, 4 main torpedo launchers, 20 side-mound torpedo launchers with a 248mm railgun in the center of the double quad tubes, and 36 side mound lightening cannons. These ship weapons arm only by password activation and are used only for self defense. The ship is crewed by a tri-super-computer and 1340 crewmen. The ships hull is shaped like a fish known only on his native planet. The ship has 5 engines that are rocket while in space and convert to jet in atmosphere, and 8 ion thrusters. It has no shields and light armor. The ships main number 1 focus is on cargo holds and crew quarters as it is a merchant variant. It also has two size 3 out of 25 hanger bays with a total number of 30 jumbo sea swan cargo star shuttles and 10 submersible cargo seaboats. Ships like these meant for military purposes how ever are far more heavily armed and armored.

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