Scarabs are one of the only ERL vehicles to be looked at seriously. They are feared throughout the galaxy and are even more deadly then the Chat Empire's renowned AT-ATs. These scarabs outmatch all  ground vehicles in this universe ,but are not invincible. Scarabs can be shot down if one of their legs is shot by 3 heavy shots which will cripple the leg and bring the scarab down.

Then the scarab will have to be boarded and destroyed from the inside or the back of it will have to be blown off by explosives then the core (which is quite vulnerable) most be destroyed which will a easy target after the back of the Scarab is shot off.  One of the quikcest ways to destroy a scarab is for jettroopers to board it from all sides and quickly destroy its core if they can get close enough without being shot down.

The easiest and most reliable yet, most expensive way to destroy a scarab is with a mac blast, orbital stirke (3-5 shots), and a aircraft attack from all sides.


Scarabs can carry up to 8 crew members. They typically have one ultra elite in command, one elite major, two elite minors, and three uggnoy gunners on the plasma turrets.

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