Outpost Άλφα is a Kig-yar pirate hide out in the asteroid belt of the horse star, a system that consist of 5 lifeless planets and a asteroid belt that once had 7 commits before those commits got harvested to make h20 for the asteroid colony. It consist of a town hall building, 4 launch pads, 80 ware houses, 40 home houses, a harbor, a great garden, a aquarium sea food breeding facility, 4 barns, 15 Type-38 Anti-Aircraft Cannons, 20 mass drivers, 37 pulse laser turrets, and 5 Archer missile turrets, all powered by a plasma power core in the center of the asteroid. The base is protected by 2 layers of plasma shield and 3 layers of hardlight shield. Population is 80000 Ruutian Kig-yar, fleet consist of 7 ships, classification: a well balanced cross between a unsc frigate but 3 times as large, a unsc prowler, and a unsc pelican, but with all covenant weapons exept for 1 double barreled 485mm mac cannon of a 50-50 human and siren technology, 2 unsc tec Spartan lasers, 2 siren lightening cannons, 60 unsc archer missiles, and 40 siren javalpoon cruise missiles. Shielding light 2 layers plasma shielding, and 1 medium layer hardlight shield. Covenent weapons 6 small plasma torpedo cannons, 8 mild practical beam cannons, and 46 pulse laser turrets.These ships carry with them 1 war refit fishing ship.

. These Kig-yar pirates base location is known only by a siren skipper named Large Dorsal who is a business and merchandise ally.


A image of the only weapons these Kig-yar use.

40% of the base is underground and 12% smaller asteroids linked by tubes.

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