Jaralhanse are a race on this wiki.



About 1 billion brutes live in the ERL wiki and out of those 1 billion 90 percent of them live on Moris. Where all of the jaralhanse settled in this universe.


Jaralhanse are one of the strongest races in the ERL universe. Jaralhanse are a bit slower then humans ,but they are also more resilient then humans. It takes 8 shots from most guns to kill the average unshielded brute. Most male brutes can pick up to 600 tons. These brutes also are carnivores and only eat meat.

Its not uncommon for beast to feast on enemy corpses after battle. Brutes prefer their food raw and they will eat any part of the body. Brutes don't believe in wasting food and they love salty foods.


The brute military has around 200,300,000 members in it.  Brutes have their army, navy, and a miltia. Brute militia don't have shields (except for their chieftains) and use the same weapons as primary brute military except they have only four basic ranks: brute minor, brute ultra, brute captain, and brute chieftain.

Brute army forces have shields ,but unlike most advanced shields the brute shields can not be recharged. Once their gone their gone for good. The brute army forces have these basic classes: brute minor, brute ultra, brute captain, brute major captain, ultra brute captain, brute chieftain, and brute war chieftain. In addition to these classes brute army forces also have brute stalkers and jet pack brutes who are part of their special classes.

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