Huragoks are a life form created by the forerunners using Neural physics, much like that the Precursors once did. They only have 1 instinct, to fix study and store data.

Huragoks are the most intelligent of all living things and make a.i's like cortona look like morons. They are despised by Yanme'e dew to reasons of jealousy.

Huragok technology is tier 1 and unlike basically everything else that devotes their time to war, huragoks have no milatarific system and focus instead on being cute.

When huragoks reproduce instead of doing it the fun way by having sex they literally gather material, team up with 1 or 2 other huragoks, and build a new huragok. The more huragoks contribute to helping with this the better, and the new member of the family is named after how successful they where designing the new one's buoyancy.

Huragoks are as fragile as piñatas and do not walk, but instead float using lumps on their back that produce gas. They have a ell like head with 4 eyes, 6 squid like tentacles, a jelly fish like body, and make whale sounds.

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