Hespin is a gas giant that is has a few beautiful built platform cities in it. Though the planet is mainly used for transporting valuable resources and minerals.

Bespin scenario


Hespin's ecnonmy thrives in wealth mainly due to the resources the world has in its atmosphere. Hespin also has great tourism because of its beautiful view and great year round weather. Hespin is always from 60-80 celcius. The planet also has a super bowl Opp Ball stadium at its capital Cloud City.

Hespin also is famous for its great restaurants (especially its breakfast ones). Bespin also has controlled sky diving facilities where the divers will land in thick yet, comfortable nets that will transport them to the city safely.



Hespin is a parliamentary democracy. Bespin also has a military that has a history of being peaceful. Bespin's military has not fought in over 3 decades and the military is basic. The government has an air force and a defense force. The defense force is a branch that mainly consists of police who are in bespin's branch. These police have blue uniforms, pistols, tasers, and batons.

Worst case senario which is normally against criminals. Hespin will use its troopers who have blaster rifles, sniper rifles, blaster pistols, or thermal detinators. Foretunately, crime is also rare in Hespin.

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