"For the faith of Zorx, we must all stand firm and battle the Resistance, and must not let Lord Rewtar fall to their feet!"

-Unknown Soldier

The Federation of Xauran is a small socialist republic within the ERL Universe. It is heavily allied with the Chat Empire and neutral with the Elite Remnant Legion, but the Federation is arch enemies with the Resistance. The Federation was formed from the remnants of the Xauranese Empire, with it's capital being the planet Xaur.

The RevolutionEdit

After the fall of the Xauranese Empire, the region of Xaur was divided up into different sections, each section containing splinter groups formed by the Xauranese remnants. The largest of the splinter groups, called the Jokrin, one day decided to take over the weaker sections in order to grow and develop. After a decade, the Jokrinese established a republic in order to eliminate all past tidings to the former Xauranese Empire. However, after a few years the republic became corrupt and in economic turmoil, causing Xauranese to rise up and to defy the government, only to cause a 1 year Civil War that would ultimately end in the end of Xauranese capitalism.

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