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Fight for the Elite Remnant Legion to form a new Great Covenant and return honor to the Sangheili.

Based off of the THDF wiki and Halo Nation, the Elite Remnant Legion Wiki is based off of a spinoff alternate timeline of THDF, with folks from Halo Nation and ideas from Team Heretic Dinofox all put into one awesome collage focusing on Halo and Star Wars!  

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Help save the galaxyEdit

Here on this wiki you can rp and fight for the remant or even rp as a villian. You will also be allowed to make your own stories about the wiki on your user page on blog pages. This is also a great place to cool down and talk with friends. Be sure to have any conversations you would like and add any videos you could like as long as they do not show any nudity or offensive material.

Elites clash with jaralhanse

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