Dead relivith is a planet that once belonged to the chat empire. It is the first planet successfully terriformed by the people of Aquamarine.

85 years ago Aquamarine was given interstellar technology by the Back with a Vengeance. They now though nowhere near tier 1 still have tecnoligy that can well compete with the covenant from the halo universe.

63 years ago this planet was called Planet Hades. It was a prosperous industrial world owned by the chat empire, but the envirment was heavily polluted by nuclear factories, trash, vehicles, and chemicals. The planet had a population of 93 billion. Unknown to them where the many volcanoes doormen for 3 million years. But the chat empire where so heavily dealing with rebels pirates and insurrectionists that they did not have the financial means to pay the people for their business properly, and in 10 years they went from a 1rst world planet to a 3rd world planet, full of poverty. In the end they got tired of not getting the money they deserved for their labor, and produced weapons againced the chat, rebelling. The war lasted another 10 years to no avail for the chat, few almost no victories sending in sky and ground forces. Finally they started nuking, glassing, and shelling the planet, using also microwave pulse wmds, and sound/radio weapons. Sky fire rained down apon the planet destroying the nuclear factories, and awaking the long doormen volcanoes. 45% of the continental landmass crumbled into dust, and washed as mud into the sea, leaving only 3 dwarf continents and many many new islands. Every living thing on planet Hades was anilated, down to the humblest single celled organism. The chat deemed the planet, what was left of the planet, unfit for terraforming back into something they can use, and burned the deed to the planet.

Then, the people of the planet Aquamarine, called by many Aquamarinears or sirens, came to the planet. With the combined scientific might of the clans of Sapphire, the clans of Whalers, the clans of Monsoon, the clans of Kelp Forest Ranger, and the clans of Shark people, they did the thought impossible, and brought back the planets inhabitability. The planet now breathing new life, was called in their tong, Planet Dead Relivith.

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