The Chat Empire is the main power in the ERL Universe.

The fall of a republicEdit

The Chat Empire was once a great republic called the Chat Republic. Most planets in the republic had many of their own personal laws and honestly only had to follow a few rules from the Chat Republic. They also had to give the Chat Republic a small percentage of the income they made. Unfortunately, many senators decided that after a long civil war against sepratists that were tring to form their own empire that the best way for them to keep peace is to control everything. This caused the Chat Republic to be overthrown by a Chat Empire where everything is controlled by the government in order to keep the peace.

The Great Galactic WarEdit

Eventually freedom fighters took arms against the Chat Empire fighting for liberty and for democracy. This lead to the formation of the Resistance. The main team that represents the Resistance is a team of young heroes called Team Heretic Dinofox. Who are both the public face and the morale of the Resistance. This team has won various battles against the Chat Empire during the Great Galactic War.

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