The bubble rifle is a Siren weapon that has been used in combat for 2084 years, it is made almost entirely of a titanium alloy blended with unknown mettle.

The bubble rifle is a non lethal weapon that's ammo is no more then ultra super compressed oxygen. Its maximum range is 75 feet in human arms comparasince. It comes with a baunet sharp at both ends and made of a unknown steel recipe. When fired this gun will reless a single bubble of ultra super compressed oxygen at 256 mph with 92.68% accuracy, and anything it hits from the size of a siren to 20 times larger will be temporarily stunned by impact for a length of time dependent on how critical the hit and how close the target was, best results stunning a victim for 3 minuets allowing the shooter to then charge them with a net or melee weapon. The rifle only has 14 shots, after which it needs recharged. Do note that this weapon is 100% useless in onland combat.

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