• Lord of the STARS

    This story is about a lady who was onboard a small ship that hailed from the planet Aquamarine, it is the silver sodder of a rp that practices activity on the wiki.

    The ship entered a star system on the list of friendlies, its hull was based on the dwarf dagger fish, a species of Xiphiidae that doesn't get very big, but is a swift swimmer, and strong enough to use its toothy blade to flip a rock 3 times its size. They are gentile natured, and very curios. Equally curios onboard the ship where 45 crewmen from the same planet as the fish the hull was based on, a hearty and brave team of scientist who come to study wild life even the local inhabitance know little about. Onboard was the photography expert named Topaz, who was fairly young, and …

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  • 1hs444

    ERL wiki!

    April 4, 2015 by 1hs444

    Hey guys.  1hs444 here.

    Proud to announce a new project I'm going to be working on; the "Elite Remnant Legion" Wiki, which marks the third (to my knowledge) wiki inspired by Halo Nation.  As the secondary "deputy" admin here, I'll be editing the design of the wiki, and will help fix up some typos and stuff!

    Originally conceived in the wake of Team Heretic Dinofox's popularity on Halo Nation, the Elite Remnant Legion is a fanon faction co-existing in the THDF universe rivaling the Resistance, working to save the galaxy mysteriously in the way they see fit from the tyrannical Chat Empire. 

    In this "spinoff" Wiki, the ERL becomes the Prometheus of the Alien franchise, and while in the same universe, the events in this spinoff universe are consider…

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