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In 7 months

male below female above juvenile in the middle

Aquamarine is a planet that orbits a very large and hot star Hygeriose in a 15 planet system including 3 gas giants 1 terrestrial giant 7 asteroid belts and 3 comet belts. The planet its self has a green moon and 3 gigantic asteroids caught in its orbit, 3 black 1 purple acting as 3 other moons. The planet is over 98% covered in water the amount more then 98 and less then 99 depending on the tide.

Native to the planet is a Pliosauroidea race who have for almost 1400 years colonized nearly their entire star system including asteroid colonies and space stations all over the system with out advancing past tier 4 dew to it not being a necessity, and swiftly advanced through the ranks of tier 3 once their population on and off world made it a necessity. Aquamarinears by many nicknamed sirens for their cultural talent of charming songs are highly social and live in clans, the clans often united into a united clan nation under rule by either a king president or dictator under a endless variety of cultures.

The biggest world power of the planet is the nation of the united sapphire clans, under the rule of the inheritor of the blood line of sapphire. Saphhirians have a strong military and exercise it strongly but like to avoid actually using it unless necessary except to rid their shipping lanes of criminals who offend them.

The wild life has a appearing endless variety of both sea and island life as well as birds. The weather is usually calm but at worst their are hurricanes that make earth hurricanes look gentle.

Only the allies of the sapphires are allowed interstellar travel and under their watch, this is to keep aliens from blaming their entire species if just 1 nation causes trouble.

Most of the natives have a capitalist society that is based on the envirment being kept healthy to insure successful industrialism. Sirens, aka Aquamarinears believe they are the rulers guardians and protectors of their planets sea, and that the gods will punish them if they corrupt their responsibility. Their biggest advancements in life is scientific campaigns.

Aquamarine is the 6th planet from its star but because its star is so big and hot it is fully tropical from pole to pole. The people of the planet when having visited other planets have shown compatibility to survive in non tropical and even fresh water ecosystems. They are only actually united as a species in their planets orbital defense zone, which is strong enough to push back a attack that can shatter 30 planets while calling in back up from the rest of the star systems naval forces.

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