Ancient Forerunners were the first major race to build a massive galactic empire in the galaxy. They built various of structures and made many wonders throughout the galaxy.

Discovery of the RakatansEdit

By the second century of the Forerunner empire their acient civilization discovered the Rakatans and they enslaved many Rakatans. The Rakatans eventually learned from the Forerunners and used a few of their own inventions to wage war with the Forerunners. During the war the force sensitive Rakatan warlords relied completely on using the dark side of the force in battle. The Forerunners were winning the war during the first 20 years until a number of unfortunate circumstances occurred.

Just as Rakatans were not far from extinction the Forerunners had a major plague that killed many of them. Then the disease took away the force sensitvity from all Forerunners. Although the Forerunners were still a deadly threat this made the war much more fair. Within the next five years the Fleet Forge was created to allow Rakatans to compete with the forerunner's surperior ships by making an extremely high production capacity where they could use swarm tactics to compete with foes.

The fleet forge also had the ability to specialy modify many Rakatan ships and although most were still a little worse or not much better then standard Forerunner ships this still made a difference. Due to the disease Rakatans also had the numbers edge and were able to wipe out most of the Forerunners. The few survivors fled to the far reaches of the galaxy to rebuild their numbers that were estimated to be less then two thousand.


Many Forerunner actifacts are still scattered throughout the galaxy leaving behind legacies that they had left in the worlds that they colonized. The Forerunners have not been seen for years until Forerunner mysteriously joined the Chat Empire. The Old Covenant even worshiped the Forerunner's acient artifacts and inventions which they based their technology off of.

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