The ACR15 Viper Masada is a heavy combat rifle that is used and produced by Civilian Militia. It is also used extensively by Savior Team due to its easily customizable features. However, it lacks stopping power against shields and is slightly more expensive then other rifles.

ACR15 Viper Masada

Manufacturer: Cheytac manufactures/Mercenary factions


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Damage Per Hit:


Magazine Size:

30 rounds

Maximum Ammunition:

2400 rounds

Fire Mode:


Ammunition Type:

Anti-Preaching Round
Sarcastic round

Rate of Fire:

500 rounds per minute

Muzzle Velocity: 790-890 m/s

Accuracy: 50%

Range: 600 meters

Affiliation: Mercenary factions/resistance


Attachments include a holographic scope, variable zoom scope, grenade Launcher, shorter/ longer barrel, silencer, flashlight, bi pod, flamethrower, fore grip and many others.


   *Fast reloading speed
   *Relatively large ammo capacity
   *High rate of fire
   *Can be compact
   *Compatible with attachments
   *Very versatile
   *Long range when it has a long barrel
   *More stopping power when it has sarcastic rounds


   *Short range when it has a shorter barrel
   *Less accuracy when it has a shorter barrel and iron sights
   *Heavy when it has attachments and sarcastic rounds
   *When compact it becomes harder to fire accurately at far away targets
   *Less stopping power when it has anti-preaching rounds
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